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Brown University

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All On-Campus Jobs
Job Title Pay Range Employer Category
On-Campus Jobs
Job Title Pay Range Employer Category
Athletics Personal Trainer $12.00/hr to $15.00/hr Athletics Athletics
Swim Instructor $12.00/hr to $20.00/hr Athletics Athletics
Aquatics Event Workers $9.35/hr to $10.75/hr Athletics Athletics
Athletic Events Student Worker $9.20/hr Athletics Athletics
Lifeguard $10.00/hr Athletics Athletics
big data visualization $10.00/hr to $11.25/hr Biology and Medicine Technical / Web Development
Research Assistant for Quantitative Research in Education Policy $9.60/hr to $11.25/hr Education Research and Laboratory
Undergraduate Research Assistant $10.00/hr Education Research and Laboratory
CDS Student Developer $15.00/hr Library Technical / Web Development
Undergraduate TA's needed for Applied Math courses $11.00/hr Applied Math Other / Miscellaneous
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant $9.35/hr to $10.75/hr School of Public Health Teaching and Tutoring
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