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Brown University

Job Details  

BuDS Catering Prep Worker
This job does not accept online applications.

To apply: There is no application or interview process. To sign up for shifts, you’ll need to complete the I-9 process at Brown Human Resources in the Brown Office Building. Then bring your I-9 receipt to the BuDS Student Management Office located downstairs from the Ratty. For questions or more information, email
Job ID 9386
Employer Dining Services
Employer Type On Campus
Date Posted Feb 04, 2016
Category Dining Services
Job Type On-Campus Jobs
Job Description Catering Prep is a slightly unheard of, unique unit in BUDS! Some quick benefits of working here are: you never work with food, you get a paid break during your shift, there are shorter shift options available, no customer service, very laid back environment, less socially taxing than the busier retail units. To get a feel for the vibe of the unit, check out our twitter. @Catering_prep
Job Requirements Must work a minimum of 8 hours a week to work for BuDS. Must be currently enrolled at Brown (undergrad or grad). Open shifts can be found at: Email for more information.
Number of openings 10
Hours 8.0 to 20.0 hours per week
Hourly Rate $9.60/hour, $0.25 raises awarded every two semesters.
Time Frame Academic Year
Start Date ASAP
End Date ongoing
Primary Contact Student Management Office
Email Address
Work Location Ivy Room
Phone Number 863-3603
Fax Number