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Brown University

Job Details  

Science Center Animator
This job does not accept online applications.

To apply: all applicants should sent their resumes and cover letter to
Job ID 8595
Employer Science Center
Employer Type On Campus
Date Posted Aug 23, 2016
Category Technical / Non-Web
Job Type On-Campus Jobs
Job Description The Science Center is interested in hiring students to use the latest multi-media techniques to communicate science concepts and discoveries that make science at Brown so exciting, surprising, and engaging to scientists as well as non-scientists at all levels. We hope to engage viewers using alternative media such as animation, artistic renderings, audio and video creations, cartoons, storytelling, etc., using computer graphics, podcasts, iTunes, radio, TV, and other formats to engage a broad audience in those aspects of science that we are all entitled to understand and appreciate. Brown Science Center Animators will work closely with the Science Center staff to design and develop series of science features using different media platforms. Examples of completed projects are feature at
Job Requirements Successful Science Center Animator candidates must be creative and able to work both independently and collaboratively as they conceptualize characters, scenes, and stories. Applicants should be undergraduate students who have significant interest in developing cartoons and other alternative media to explain science concepts to a broad audience. The Science Center Animator should be able to work as part of a team that conceptualizes and develops visual graphics and audio content that explains science concepts and the process of discovery. A willingness to develop Science Center Animator training modules, assist in the training of student interested in animating, adhere to the Science Center’s procedures and policies. Experience in creation of computer animation and/or digital graphics is desirable. Special training or experience in areas such as storytelling, artistic, and science or technical skills, as well as science communication, are highly desired. Applicants may also be interested in putting pencil to paper to create two dimensional cartoon characters, and/or create computer animations based on science concepts, designs and ideas, and contribute to Science Center mission is required. Science Center Animators can start immediately.
Number of openings 3
Hours 3.0 to 8.0 hours per week
Hourly Rate $10.35/hour, maximum compensation $10.55/hr
Time Frame Academic Year
Start Date ASAP
End Date Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Primary Contact Angella Lynsey Ford
Email Address
Work Location Varies
Phone Number
Fax Number 3-6046