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Brown University

Job Details  

SEAS Grad Student Test Proctors (specialized)
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Job ID 6207
Employer Student Life
Employer Type On Campus
Date Posted Mar 09, 2015
Category Teaching and Tutoring
Job Type On-Campus Jobs
Job Description Proctoring, reading, scribing for undergraduate and graduate students taking exams.
Job Requirements This is a posting only for GRADUATE STUDENTS. International students that also receive a monthly stipend (fellowship) are NOT eligible for this position. **Due to an increase in demand, we are seeking SEAS Grad Student Test Proctors with a background and/or strong working knowledge in the subjects of Math and Science. Candidates must also have strong English language skills in order to provide scribe services when needed, along with the general responsibilities of a proctor. General Responsibilities of a Proctor: Supervise students with accommodations during exams and confidently troubleshoot any problems as they arise (with assistance from the SEAS Coordinator). The role of a proctor may also involve reading exam questions to students or scribing (writing /typing) answers as dictated by a student. We are currently seeking applicants that can specifically serve as scribes for Math and Science related exams. Other duties include the pick-up/ drop-off of exam materials (exams, laptops, blue books, etc) at specified locations on campus. The desired applicants will be punctual and have excellent communication skills, along with a strong knowledge of the campus layout. * Proctors are allowed to partake in “light studying” while working, as long as it is not distracting to test takers and does not impact the essential duties of the job Please note that services provided by the SEAS Office are confidential and SEAS Proctors will be expected to handle confidential information with a high level of discretion and maturity. Schedule: This position is per diem and hours will vary (some nights and weekends). Any proctor requests will be emailed to the pool of approved proctors as soon as they are received by the SEAS Office. Proctors will then volunteer for the requests based on their availability. Proctors will be assigned to an exam based on the order in which they volunteered and compatibility with the test taker’s needs. **Applicants for this specific job posting will still have the opportunity to sign up as a proctor for requests that do not require scribe services, but they will be contacted first for scribe related requests. How to Apply: Please apply online through the Student Employment website Applications will be reviewed and those chosen for an interview will be sent a link to an informational survey that must be completed prior to the interview. A brief scribe demo will be requested during the interview. For questions please contact Karol Gaitan, SEAS Coordinator, at (401) 863-9588 or ** Please note that a valid I-9 through Brown Human Resources will be needed in order to be officially hired. Brown Human Resources is located in the Brown Office Building 3rd Floor, above the bookstore.
Number of openings 2
Hours 0.0 to 5.0 hours per week
Hourly Rate $9.40/hour to $11.25/hour
Time Frame Academic Year
Start Date As soon as possible
End Date End of academic year
Primary Contact Karol Gaitan
Email Address
Work Location Various locations throughout campus.
Phone Number 401-863-9588
Fax Number 401-863-1444