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Brown University

Job Details  

ENGN0051 Grader
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Job ID 57
Employer Engineering
Employer Type On Campus
Date Posted Aug 14, 2015
Category Teaching and Tutoring
Job Type On-Campus Jobs
Job Description Grade EN 51 weekly homework problem sets. Approximately 20 per grader per week.
Job Requirements Must have completed ENGN0510 (or PHYS0470) with an "A" or have equivalent experience in Electricity & Magnetism. Graduate students in physics or engineering welcome); previous grading experience welcome but not mandatory.
Number of openings 6
Hours 6.0 hours per week
Hourly Rate $9.60/hour
Time Frame Fall
Start Date Tuesday, September 01, 2015
End Date Thursday, December 31, 2015
Primary Contact Victoria Kent Riccitelli
Email Address
Work Location Barus & Holley Room 222
Phone Number
Fax Number