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Brown University

Job Details  

Group Tutors AY 2016-2017: Physics
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Job ID 1422
Employer Dean of the College
Employer Type On Campus
Date Posted May 02, 2016
Category Teaching and Tutoring
Job Type On-Campus Jobs
Job Description To further assist students, the Tutoring Program will be offering limited academic support in the form of group tutoring. We are currently looking for undergraduate sophomores and juniors who thoroughly know the introductory and intermediate courses in their concentration and feel comfortable answering a wide range of questions. Group Tutors will be responsible for facilitating two hour study sessions of a small group of 6-8 students in a specific course. Group tutors are expected to meet with their group weekly to review important or difficult topics covered in that week, engage students in understanding course objectives, and model the thinking processes needed in the course. There is also a need to have tutors ready to assist students on an individual basis, so this job is looking for student flexibility. Please note that we keep information on file, and will only contact you if your area of expertise is needed and you are granted an interview. Interviews are 20 minutes long, and applicants should be prepared to teach a short 5 minute lesson. Disciplines Needed: Phys 0030, 0040, 0050, 0060, 0070
Job Requirements UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS ONLY: rising Sophomores and rising Juniors • Successfully completed the course in question, preferably with a grade of A and be in good academic standing. • Willing to work a minimum of four hours per week (on average) • Available to participate in training and attend Tutoring meetings. • Available to serve the entire academic year • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with peers • Prior experience in teaching or leadership roles • Serious commitment to improving undergraduate’s understanding of course objectives • Strong interest in education Interested students should carefully review the position description and submit an application. Review of applications will begin immediately, with 20 minute interviews granted based on the application. Applicants should expect to teach a concept during the interview. **You will be contacted if you are granted an interview. Do not send extra messages to check on your application.**
Number of openings 8
Hours 4.0 to 10.0 hours per week
Hourly Rate $12.00/hour
Time Frame Academic Year
Start Date Thursday, September 1, 2016
End Date Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Primary Contact Janet A Peters
Email Address
Work Location Science Center
Phone Number 31404
Fax Number