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Brown University

Job Details  

Community Gardening Coordinator
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Job ID 137
Employer Environmental Studies
Employer Type On Campus
Date Posted Apr 21, 2014
Category Other / Miscellaneous
Job Type On-Campus Jobs
Job Description MANAGE THE SOLAR HEATED GREENHOUSE - Ensure the Aquaponics System is clean and in working order; keep the fish healthy and their numbers manageable; care for seedlings to be planted in the garden; look after seasonal plants; clean and organize space on a regular basis; monitor inventory ------- MANAGE COMMUNITY GARDEN – Maintain UEL Plots by annual plantings and diligent weeding; keep tools well maintained; handle plot requests; sustainable pest control; work with garden board to make sure members (approx. 20) adhere to garden policies; supervise compost system; have winter storage organized; occasionally provide garden tours; oversee care of communal areas and coordinator's plot; organize pot-luck dinners.
Job Requirements The UEL garden is tool for outreach and education about sustainable agriculture. We need someone who is excited about this mission and helping to maintain a positive image within Brown and community at large. Some previous gardening experience. This job does require a one year commitment, including working full or part time over the summer. We do need someone who will be able to work in summer of 2014, continuing on through the next academic year.
Number of openings 1
Hours 5.0 to 15.0 hours per week
Hourly Rate $9.00/hour to $10.25/hour
Time Frame Other
Start Date imediately
End Date Sunday, May 31, 2015
Primary Contact Jeanne Ellen Loewenstein
Email Address
Work Location Urban Environmental Lab 135 Angell Street
Phone Number 863-1224
Fax Number 863-3503